About Us

Design and aesthetic beyond limits...

Centro Design is a dynamic presence in the designing market, creating unique high aesthetic properties/spaces during the last 8 years. Implementing over 1.000 projects, the visionaries and creators of the company impel further the limits of architecture and set new dimensions in the building construction sector, regardless of its complexity and requirements. Constant to their vision, the persist to create and serve the needs of their clients, recommending elegant and completed proposals with particular orientation to the optimal cost and performance of the products.



Manolis is a designer of interior and exterior spaces who is living and working in Trikala, Thessaly - Greece. The source of his inspiration is various international renowned architectures and interior designers. He is specialized in creating unique aesthetics and ergonomic projects which satisfy the most demanding customers. The customer's requirements constitute his challenge for constant improvement and study on the design. Manolis is also a visionary of aesthetics with dynamic motion in the sector of window's and door's frame as well as furmiture for every room of customer's home or business premises. Representing major European companies and creating high aesthetics, he achieved interaction between the Greek public and international trends of architectural design. He has a strong presence in the market where experience and knowledge are provided, such as design of showrooms, manufacturing of workplaces and so on.


Athanasios is an Industrial Design Engineer and Energy Inspector who is living and working in Trikala, Thessaly – Greece. He obtained a solid background in energy efficiency and advanced experience in the product’s design. He is specialized in designing and creating excellent ergonomic projects, using innovative materials and design techniques. He has a strong presence in the market, providing with multi-level completed solutions in the sector of construction and energy-saving systems particularly, considering as main criterion for his customer’s satisfaction the best proportion between the performance of a product and its affordable cost. He achieved to present the products from their “human” perspective which reflects his recommendation to be more attractive to clients. Designing product systems of excellent aesthetic performance, he takes into account the principle which is characterized by the customer’s needs to be at the center of the product design.

October 25, 2014